o bag in cobalt with red and cream medium stripe trim, matching inner bag and white short rope handles cobalt o bag mini with blue faded stripe inner bag and white short rope handles

red o swing bag with striped drawstring inner and matching shoulder strap

o moon bag in navy with chain shoulder strap, red vichy check inner bag o moon light bag in cobalt with cognac strap and red vichy check inner bag

black o bag beach with apple drawstring inner, apple faux leather modular handles, and stella the miniature wiener dog O bag urban in sand with black faux leather handles and a houndstooth pattern inner bag

o bag knit in bordeaux with bordeaux faux leather handles and white inner bag o bag glam in black with black and white bicolor stripe band closure, matching strap and black microfibre zip inner bag

More shapes coming soon! Have an o bag not listed here? We might have parts for it! Email us.

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Classic O bag: 31cm height, 39cm width, 14cm depth
O bag mini: 29cm height, 31cm width, 12cm depth
O square: 36cm height, 33.5cm width, 15.5cm depth
O pocket: 16.5cm height, 21cm width, 7.5cm depth
O pocket micro: 11cm height, 16cm width, 6.5cm depth
O swing: 13.5 cm height, 28.5 cm width, 11 cm depth
O moon: 31cm height, 40cm width, 11cm depth
O moon light: 22cm height, 29cm width, 8cm depth
O bag beach: 31cm height, 39cm width, 14cm depth
O bag urban: 29cm height, 34cm width at base, 46cm width at top, 11cm depth
O bag knit: 28cm height, 32cm width at base,47cm width at top, 26cm depth
O bag glam: 19cm height, 27cm width, 8cm depth

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